Ivan Verges

Software Engineer,AI/ML Developer,QA Test Automator,Database Designer

Name: Ivan Verges

Profile: Software Engineer

Country: Dominican Republic

Technologies: C#, Python, SQL


C# + .Net Core 90%
SQL 90%
QA Test Automation 90%
Blazor 85%
Azure AI 85%
Python 85%
Tensorflow 80%
About me

I am a Software Engineer from APEC University, pasionate about technologies, focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Intelligent Software Development. As a hobbyist, i am working with Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and some other cool Machine Learning Algorithms.

I am also a Mechatronics Techologist from ITLA, where i have worked on some interesting projects. One of them is an Auto-Piloted Drone, which was able to fly to any coordinates sent by the user with a custom software made with Matlab, and using a GPS device to sense the drone current position, so it can define the actions to move to the target location.

My Certifications

My Services

Things I Can Do For You

AI/ML Development

By implementing Artificial Intelligence in your systems, you can obtain a lot of benefits such as: detect anomalies in your data, predict future values ​​and segment your customers to increase your profitability.

Web Development

Technology has led to many businesses the need to have their web pages and applications to offer their products and services to current and future customers in order to survive and continue to grow.

Test Automation

Reduce software development costs and save time by automating software tests. Integrate validation pipelines into your DevOps workflows and avoid getting bugs into production environments.

Mobile Development

Most business today just have a web page, but modern clients prefer to have a mobile application that helps them find information and take the right actions in the easiest way possible, and this is where mobile devices and applications shines.

Database Design

Manage your business data in an optimal way and use less resources while reading or writing information within your applications. Having a well designed database is key for business to have the right information in time.

Workflow Services

Most companies have workflow tasks that runs in the background but keeps business running. Having your workflow tasks automated is a key element in order to keep your operations and servin clients in an efficient way.